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Getting A Race License

In order to race in the X30 Challenge Emirates you will need to obtain a kart race license.

The first step to obtaining your race license is to book yourself onto an ARKS (Association of Racing Kart School) license course and take the ARKS test. 

The ARKS test is intended for drivers with some previous karting experience who wish to apply for their ATCUAE kart racing licence. The test is in two parts: theory and practical, and takes around four hours to complete. The test consists a written multiple-choice examination and a practical driving test. It covers all aspects of the sport, emphasising safety and good driving technique. 

Once you have passed the ARKS test you can apply to the ATCUAE for your race license, the cost of a race license is AED600 per year. Drivers over the age of 16 will require a medical report from their doctor when applying for the license.

License application forms can be found at the ATCUAE website here....